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Pump Stations

A Range of Waste Water and Sewage Package Pump Systems

Pump Stations
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Developments where foul drainage by gravity is not possible, including:

  • Domestic sewage pumping
  • Effluent pumpsets for sewage treatment plants
  • Surface water pumping systems
  • Septic tank pumpsets
  • 24 hour storage chambers
  • Bespoke systems


  • Complete package systems delivered direct to site
  • Ready for immediate and simple installation
  • Factory built and quality assured
  • Maintenance free GRP and polyethylene chamber
  • High-level alarm fitted as standard
  • Full Klargester after sales maintenance available


  • Compact pump systems for small domestic wastewater applications
  • Larger domestic pumping stations, suitable for up to 8 to 13 people for sewage and effluent.


All standard Klargester package pump systems are supplied with GRP/polyethylene chambers, pump(s), high-level alarm, pre-set automatic level control, non-return valve, discharge pipe and all connections.


  • Wide range of emergency overflow tanks
  • 110mm or 160mm inlet connections
  • Various invert depths
  • Standby replacement pumps

Bespoke Systems

Klargester manufactures pumping chambers of various diameter and depths, with pumps, guide rails and control equipment fitted as per the clientís specification. Please contact us direct and we will be pleased to quote against your specific requirements.

Key Points

Firstly, donít worry. Kingspan Environmental have a team of pump experts on hand to advise you on the correct product for your site. All we need from you is information on key factors such as:

  • Application: e.g., domestic residential /commercial
  • Sewage, effluent or surface water?
  • Inlet depth (below ground level)
  • Pumping distance and lift
  • Electrical supply

Simply give us a ring or log on to our website to download our Package Pump Enquiry form. This form will guide you on what measurements you will need and any additional data. Once completed, phone, email, fax or post it back to us and our team will provide you with a solution.

Click here to enquire about a package pump station

Case study

A treatment plant serving a 3-bedroom farmhouse

The client approached Klargester to discuss the options for replacing a failing brick Septic Tank. Key criteria were to reduce frequency of tank-emptying visits and to use existing soakaway without the risk of blockage. Major concern was also to reduce pollution of surrounding streams and watercourses.

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