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Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks

Basic Septic Tanks only partially treat sewage and discharge effluent of low quality. Many authorities in the UK & Ireland prohibit their use.

Septic Tanks may be installed (subject to consent) in applications where:

  • Soil is of suitable porosity.
  • Installation complies with Building Regulations (Approved Document H).
  • The installation will not contaminate any ditch, stream or other watercourse.

For more information regarding a more effective Sewage Treatment System, click here.

What products are available?

If you are not connected to mains drainage you have three options.

Alpha and Beta+ Range


The Klargester Alpha and Klargester Beta+ range of Septic Tanks only provides settlement for sewage solids. The liquid overflow requires further biological treatment in a suitably designed, correctly situated drainage field.

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Sigma Shallow Dig Septic

The Sigma septic tank will drastically reduce the time and cost of a septic tank installation. Its EN12566 Part 1 approved and 99.7% efficient.

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Sewage Treatment Plant

A full Sewage Treatment Plant with integral biological treatment technology produces far superior treated effluent - see our Klargester BioDisc® and Biotec™ range.

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Any product installation is dependent on obtaining regulatory approvals.

Case study

A treatment plant serving a 3-bedroom farmhouse

The client approached Kingspan Klargester to discuss the options for replacing a failing brick Septic Tank. Key criteria were to reduce frequency of tank-emptying visits and to use existing soakaway without the risk of blockage. Major concern was also to reduce pollution of surrounding streams and watercourses.

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